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Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb Walkthrough

Covers: Shovel Location , Beanstalk Forest Location ETC.

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Just Finished... But still Lot to Add.

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This is the Quest List; I did not write all Quests because some of are easy, before you begin here are some Tips:

1. Always stock up your Supplies. Buy Fresh Milk about Max 100 buy Aquafolium 50 or up before going to a Quest or Entering a Dungeon, Especially in the Crystal Cavern, Ashteras Tomb and in Tyobi (Worm Tunnels).

2. Don’t attack an Enemy who’s already confused, let them kill themselves.

3. Don’t use the Level Egg too early at the Game.

4. Always save your game.

5. If there’s a Choice making save your Game.

Quest List:

Find Real Golden Frog
  • In Tyobi (not Sure, next Chapter?)
Find a Shovel
  • Shovel is Behind the Training Agency in Peliad (Near the Exit of the Graveyard)
Find Boards, Nails and hammer to repair Willobys window in Harkauna.
  • Find Boards in Harkuana (The Man Chopping Woods)
  • Hammer and Nails are on the Tyobi Palace (Door on the Kitchen)
Find a tutor for Sienna at Chateau Lenore
  • In Acropolis Find Amadine (Hell Give you a Card)
Get Empress permission to enter the granite Mountains
  • Finish the find the rooster Quest
  • Finish the rescue Karl Quest
Find someone to take over the Stormbend Tavern
  • Remember the Guy who lost(Whom you made him lost his Job) his Job, Ask Leopold on Peliad
Find a rooster for the empress chef in Tyobi
  • Located at Bottom West of Wyrmbone Desert
Find Guard Shields
  • I forgot where exactly you could Find it(Worm Tunnels), but I’ll give you a Tip Buy max Fresh milk and 50 Aquafollium, before searching for them so you dont nid to go back and forth reaplenishing ur mana health and also buy some Stone Cream, and beating same monsters if youre playing the game in normal mode.
Rescue Karl
  • Find a Crowbar in Tyobi Palace (Left Side)
Bring the Empress a Tasty Pie
  • Finish the Find Boards Hammer and Nail Quest First.
  • Vote Someone at the Contest (Hell Give you the Pie)
Get a Giant Beanstalk seed from a beanstalk Forest (Granite Mountains)
  • Finish the Pie Quest First
  • You’ll find it on the top of the Granite Mountains, You don’t Need the candy to go there.

Tip: Look on Every available Path, (because I didn’t see the Path to Granite Mountain top at the First Place)

Deliver Gretchen’s note to Marcello in Ghed'ahre
  • If you don’t know where it is, you'll find it South of Harburg, Enter the Catacombs there.
  • You’ll need to Pull 3 Levers inside the Catacombs to get to Ghed'ahre
  • Find Marcello in the Casino.

Find a Starbell and bring it to Madhuri in Shoal Leiu.
  • lure the Pixies inside the Crystal Cavern Beside Hercules.(This is Quest Easy I wonder why I post it Here)
Get a Grow Potion from Ulf
  •  He Should tell what you need refer to the Ingredients’ Location
Obtain Acid Ingredients
  •  Do thesame as Above, Im sure you would Figure Out where is the Thindleroot.(When You found it, please Tell me.)
Capture 3 Pixies in a Bottle
  • See Empty Bottle Location
Obtain Mirror from a Mermaid
  • I find the Mermaid in Southeast Part of Acropolis
  • Get a Fruit Salad from Willoby’s (Mouse on the Tyobi Palace
Ingredients’ Location:

Slime - Crystal Cavern
Icebell Flower - Crystal Cavern
Bat Guano-Root Systems
Snapdragon Wings-Blueleaf Forest
Nectar-Blueleaf Forest
Starbell Flower - top of the Granite Mountain
Mushroom-(Found in Harkuana inside the Mouse House)
BloodThristle -Underfall
Diamond - Acropolis
Thindle Root-Root Systems(Thanks for the Tip.)
Catspaw - Blueleaf Forest

Fortify Requirements:
Scorpion Sword
Falcon Sword

Wyvern Bow
Raven Bow

Desert Coat
Thief’s coat

Worm Bone Mail
Mercenary Armor
Worm Hide

Worm hide Shield
Plate Shield
Worm Hide

Worm hide helmet
Leather helmet
Worm Hide

Worm hides Boots
Leather Boots
Worm Hide


How can I open a Stuck Shut Chest?
You can get a lever inside the Tyobi Palace.

Where can I find the Rooster?
The Rooster is in the Wyrmbone Desert Bottom Left of the map.

Where can i find the Empty Bottle?
See 3 empty Bottle Location.

Where do i learn how to Climb?

You can Learn it from Shoal Leiu (If its not Animating Right Click then open in New Tab).

How can I get rid of the Pixies that’s Blocking the on Path in the Crystal Cavern?
You need a Candy to Lure the Pixies, given to you after you complete the Deliver Marcello's note Quest and Tell Madhuri What ails Damudar.

Where can i find a Blueleaf Sap?

Look on some Trees with Holes!

Where can I find the Blue Treasure Key? 

It’s in Ashtera’s Tomb.

Where can I find the Entrance to the Underfall or Acropolis?

As Yvette describes it is in Granite Mountains, the Key can be found on Stonetooth Cave.

How do I Defeat Gyendal?
The Only Person who could Defeat Gyendal is June or Yvette, Use the Oodles o Noodles Song or Song of Dreams.

Once you’ve confused Gyendal, Just Put the two on defend mode (Ulf and Edward) Cause Hitting him may only remove his Confusion. Sometimes normal hits from Weapon effect may as well help. If Gyendal hits himself that would be 14-15k I think, he’s HP ranges from 50k-60k(Not Sure).

Stonetooth System Puzzles:

Strange Symbol
Add Yvette to the Party at the Harkuana.

Dead Tree?
Read the Giant beanstalk Quest Above.

Broken bridge.
Make sure you’ve Bought the Magpie Form for Yvette at the Circus (Left of the Wyrmbone Desert), that’s 11k I Think.

Laser Tigers
Find a Mirror (locate Mermaid at Acropolis)

Steel Wall
Use an Acid (Ask Ulf)

(Do what the riddle describes ironically)
Yellow, Green, Blue, Black

The 5 Empty Bottle Locations:

1. Crystal Cavern (Granite Mountains)
2. Ashtera’s Tomb
3. Mana Caves (Acropolis)
4. Blueleaf forest
5. Circus

They are Commonly found in Chest

BUG or BUGs?

I’ve gotten to Acropolis without Killing the Giant Crab!?.
I’ve used the Mirror Transport at the Underfall accidentally then travelled to Acropolis without Killing this Crab. (This is no Photoshop.), Open The Photolink(image should be Moving) in New Tab to See for yourself.

Note: If youre Playing same version as I, Do not use this Bug(You might lose some Quest). the newer Version is Fixed now, so make sure you download the Newer ones!.

Thanks for Reading or Downloading this Walkthrough. Some Quest are Not Written, there are 2 Reasons for this 1. Quest is too obvious or too easy, or 2, I didn’t know, or forgot it. Note that some Quest May be Not Finished Even if this Chapter 5(The Game) ends, Some of it may be Finished in the next Chapter(Chapter 6: the Darktrop Prophesy).

Feel free to post Comments or Questions, i would really apriciate if you post a 1 or 2.
Finished on: February 21, 2010

Download Walkthrough
Download Walkthrough Rev 2
(Second Link is Updated)


  1. Thindleroot-I find it at Root System. Its look like carrot.

    Anyway, i want to know where i should learn how to climb? Im stuck at Granite mountain coz i dont know how to climb the rock. FYI, i started a new quest, not continue from last chapter..~

  2. u can learn how to climb in Shoal Leiu, the village Just Past in the Granite Mountains. the pathway for the house where u could learn it is somewhat nearly hidden or unecspected, once your on the village go right, just keep going right(past the well) then i think u will find a path north, if its not clear ill make a screenshot for it as soon as i can.

  3. thanx..
    it's help me a lot..
    luv ya..~

  4. How we want to fix the broken bridge? What Yvette must do?

  5. Sorry for the late reply, You have to learn the Mogpie Form from a familiar at the Circus(entrance is top left of the wyrmbone Desert). You could Refer to the Stone Tooth System Puzzle Post for Puzzles like this. I bet you already knew the answer to it.

  6. how do u learn to iceskate

  7. Sorry for Late Replying...
    Actuallly its on Aveyond Gates of the Night 3-2 or 3-1,... its kinda familiar but cant remember where to... i think its in stormbend.

  8. im searching for a diamond but i cant find it...
    can someone help me please??

  9. what is it used for? Excalibur? and what what chapter of aveyond game are u playing? is it the lost orb?

  10. where is the nectar?? i know its in the blueleaf forest but i cant find any! and in this game excalibur is not used , the diamond is for a recipe that you will need for either the grow or acid.

  11. You're right its in blueleaf forest, ok find it here:

    see BH or beehive location,

  12. could i get this full game for free??
    where is the crack, without virus??

  13. the Find Boards Hammer and Nail Quest First.

    where i can get that quest?