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Aveyond 3-4: Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthroungh


Firstly thank you for reading this simple quest walkthough which will guide you throughout the game.

Okay here are some important facts in the Game:

·         Level Eggs are most useful later at the game
(The higher the level you achieve the harder it gets for your character to level up)

·         Stella’s Heal Skills are based on his weapon power, the higher the weapon power the more effective her skills become.
·         Donating in a Donation Box Increase your luck (luck increases your chance in finding bags on coins on special locations) except if you’re in the Demon Realm.
·         There are only 5 Mandrakes Available at the Game use it well (Reserve it for Edward).
Find Bluebeards will for the judge
This is the Location for the Blue Key:


Quest: Optional
·         Exterminate bugs in Almirk Jungle and Bring carcasses to Yari
·         There are 7 Bugs total (Stag Beetles)
Tip: after you completed this quest you may want to visit the junk dealer for some fine items and equipment.all  items are recommended.(estimate around 350 gold in total).

·         Then return and sell dead bugs for 105 gold.
Tip: Buy armor such as Boar Hide, Bamboo Shield (can be bought or found right of the Veldarah sign in the Almirk Jungle) for Edward and wizard robe for Stella.

                Collect 5 baskets of dirty laundry for Wyona
·         15 gold for this? eventually you will stumble to an event which prince petir wants to buy katie .
·         You can find it in Veldarah in an Item shop(junk dealer) for 60 gold
·         Dont forget to buy the Shard from the junk dealer. (Used for the Sword Station)
·         Make sure you have some extra 150 gold there for the Ship.

·         After getting the shovel dig through the marked locatin on Blue beards Cove foar a Blue Key.
·         use it to unlock the room next to bluebeards.
·         Solve the puzzle(hint Start Right)
·         after arguments buy the ship for 150 gold. Then lets Sail!

Sail to the Western Isle and Find Te ijal and Galahad in Sedona.
·         Just follow the Dirt path on Riven Forest.
·         When your in sedona head left of the Statue(Donation Box) then down the Bridge then head right to the House.

Get a job from the king of Sedona
·         Sedona castle can be found in the TOP LEFT CORNER OF SEDONA, left of lilliam senmor.
  • Find out who is working with the thieves in Riven Forest, and Why.
    • Head straight down to the house in front of the castle(Lady Anara Drake and Read the Note on the Table)
    • Head out of Sedona and go northeast..
  • Obtain a new fan for Lillian in Sedona
    • Finish the Missing Wedding ring Quest first.
    • And give the fan to Lilian and open a chest for a Quill(Give to Gregor on Sedona(House SouthEast of the Inn in sedona)).
·         Search for Isabelles missing wedding Ring
  •  Buy it in the Gem dealer for 210 gold.
  • then return to the gem dealer for investigation.

·         Find out why the thieves are Blackmailing lady Anara. 
  •        After two quest above return to lady anara and she will talk to you about the pakage.

·         Deliver a pakage from lady anara to the thives in Riven Forest.
  • Equip your characters well before going to the Cave.
  • if you have spare gold buy the lucky charm in the junk shop in Sedona. Equip it on Edward.
  • v  Head out of Sedona and head right (Riven Forest) until the signboard and continue southeast. the left until you see a stairs up. head up then left. continue until you reach another bridge head up for a chest with level egg and then cross the Bridge. Go down then cross another bridge to the right. Then up the stairs                
vcontinue till you reach the old woman. Talk to her and she will give you a spell.

·         Bring Gift for Jennas Birthday party
  •   You can purchase the kitten from the Giftshop for 10 gold in Veldarah(make sure to ask Jenna wahta she likes for a Gift First). 
  •       Goto the Party and dont forget to get a Cupcake.
Cave chest Sequence Puzzle:

You must bribe the Thives for 300 gold to tell you the secret.
Note: you can open the 2 locked door which contains chest after unlocking the thiefs door to get the sunlight scroll.
use the blue warp egg to exit the dungeon.

Search for the kings daughter on the Eastern Isle
·         Remember katie in Veldarah the one prince petir wants to marry go and talk to her.
·         make sure you buy the crest for 100 gold. then back to castle sedona.
o   TN: After this Quest you should be able to access the royal tresury on sedona(castle)
Look for clues at the hunters Cabin on the eastern isle
·         Go back to Veldarah. before heading to the Hunters Cabin make sure to visit katie in Veldarah. they will have a short conversation and they will head at prince petirs home. Follow them and talk to katie to get the Treasure Key.

Search the northern Isle for a cave leading to underfall.
·         Okay Sail North dock and enter Dire Woods, search for the old woman for another spell.

head to aveyond if you want an easter egg, follow the path north and continue south until you find many rabbits and an egg. get the egg.(you can always do this later)

·         Continue northeast down the stairs turn right on the snowman then north and find a locked chest(which can now be opened because we have the Tresure Key.) that contains an icicle staff, head right then north and open a chest to get an ice Amulet.
·         There are other items that may be valuable.

Find a torch to light the cave
·         Torch can be found once you sace Thornskeep from the curse.

Cave(Maurauders Cave) location:
·         Let’s make the merchant a reference point.
·         Head south until you reach a small stairs down, when you see a two way path follow the one left, then up the stair near the snowman. then cross the bridge, okay then follow the only path till you reach another stairs down. head south then up the stairs again, head down another stairs then head north for the cave.

Cave Important item/place.
·         Contains sword Station an Icepick(can be bought for 2 topaz and 2 opal(can be looted on enemy in the cave)) and and large chunk of Ice and the Entrance to Asheras Tomb.

Tip: When encountering Soul Eaters, make stella use heal, and just focus on one enemy at a time.
Explore and get all the items you may need before going to the inn.

Destroy the Cursed object in the Thornkeep Well.
·         TN: You can enter the SE house for an spectre robe.
·         This is an easy one but the monsters are tough make sure you get all the items in thornskeep before heading down the well.
·         The dungeun contains some great items.

Search Thornkeep for Sarah.
·         Sarah is in the house west of the well.

Restore Star Temple in Dire Woods
The Star can be found on Underfall inside the Party House.
·         Find a disguise to get into the Underfall party.
v  In Ghed ahre buy the Scary Mask in a Trick or Trick northeast of the Inn.

Once inside the party house head north and follow the directions:
[UP RIGHT UP] - room1
[RIGHT DOWN] - room2

Fix Broken Sword Station in Dire Woods.
·         Ask the Blacksmith for the problem.
·         Buy the icepick on marauders Cave in Direwoods(You will need a Torchlight to Access this Cave)
·         Use the Icepick on a large chunk of ice on Marauders Cave to obtain a IceCube(Spelled Ice)
·         Return to the Blacksmith and Give the Spelled ice.

Find Mel
·         Retrive the skeletons arm bone from Asheras tomb.
v  You must first give the ghost doll to a child in underfall.(they will leave the house and you can take the Tomb Key),Goto Asheras Tomb(Not the One you came through). head right into the signboard Arm Bone can be found North East of the Sword Station inside Asheras Tomb.

Find Beatrice in ghed ahre.
·         Head into the graveyad of underfall, enter the excavation. Pull down the lever and talk to the reaper to talk you to Ghed ahre for 500 gold. just follow  the road and enter the 3rd house that you might stumble.
Find the Oracle
·         You can find the Oracle in a temple north of the Inn in Aveyond, she will give you a Orb Rod.


Find a cure for Gabriel in Sheian Lyr
·         Enter the entance inside the slime farm once outside head north through the stairs and enter the cave, follow the only path and head west to find wyrd vegetable. give it back to the apothecary to get a bottle of poison,
·         After getting the Poison head back to Gabriel and give him the poison, and in return hell give you the Cave Key.

Search the Demon Plains for a wyrd vegstable

Find Maudran's Diadem for the Red Queen in Sheian Lyr
·         Once you get the Cave key you can now enter the locked door inside the cave enter a part in the demon plains which you can get the Diadem. Youll Get a Level Egg and a Bag of Sand as a reward.(Recommended)

Find Maudran's Diadem for the White Queen in Sheian Lyr
·         Once you get the Cave key you can now enter the locked door inside the cave enter a part in the demon plains which you can get the Diadem. Youll Get a Mirica Infusion and a Bag of Sand as a reward.

Find the house that was stolen from helga
·         Search the house northwest of the red queen for the miniture house
·         Return it to helga.

Find some red gel for mobert at slime farm
·         Can be obtain after giving helga the miniture house.

Obtain the Stone of Aya
·         Before that you might need to buy a dragon on the dragon ranch found at the western part of the world map(for 1000 gold).

Talk to the Pristesses at mysten Far, on the mystic Isle
Search for a golden arrow in a temple in Riven Forest
·         Bring a bouquet of lilies to Willam in Clearwater
v  if you ask the florist in clearwater(bottom rightmost house) she will till you that she had no lilies available.
v  Exit Clearwater, head West, continue heading west till you find a group of lilies near the river.
v  Return to the florist to get a bouquet of lilies

·         Find a map for the squirrels in Riven forest
v  In clear Water you must find Jebb
v  head south right after the 3rd house(the 3 house aligned) then you will find another path south continue south past the graveyards until you find jebb who has the map inside the Chest, give him the hat(aquired after helping william get a bouquet of lilies for her wife).
v  then hand it over to the squirrels

·         Obtain shears in Clearwater to cut the vines from the Riven Forest
v  this is an easy one just take the shears in clearwater(literaly take it)

v  Okay after taking the shears you have to cut down the vines and inside you have to use the two pipes to open the temple.
v  Once inside the temple you must use the starcrystals on the 3 pedestals to get the golden arrow.


Bring a new truth mirror to Pristess Diona in Mysten Far

Mt Orion
·         follow the path west to find chest containing a storm ring, follow the path north and follow the only way when you see two
·         ladders follow the one south continue till you see two ladders head south and read the sign:

·         When you try to open the cavegate you are prompt to enter a answer to a question,
you can choose between:
v  JOY

·         You will find lots of Valuables Inside and Some Coins too if your Lucky(I hoped you donated in Mysten Fars the Donation Box)

After getting the hunters horn return to Mysten Far to get back the party(Equip yourself with weapons and armor) and head To Ghed Ahre to save Mhel.

Tip: Its now a good time to use those Level Eggs...
Suggested Level is 35(EASY) difficulty mode 40 - 45(NORMAL or HARD)

Okay fighting the Group of Mel isnt so Difficult like the next one…
If you have  embuned the Shard with Berserk you have to hit Galahad with it, do not hit it in the next turn if its still in berserk(Berserk Effect will make galahad hit himself or his teammate) and one you select Edward to attack galahad wth Berserk make Te'ijal hit Mhel and use stellas Starshine and heal extora ocasionally if your allies HP is Dropping Low. Poison is also effective on Galahad use the Scorpion Ring Item if you have it.


This one is the difficult one, you have to make Edward hit the grim reapers with berserk and Teijal target only one Darkling of the four Darklings one at a time. use Stellas  Starshine Again for the Reapers and Mordred and Ocasionly heal extora  if your allies HP is Dropping Low. You can also use Edwards Light Spells (Twinkle and Supernova) which damages up to 1.2k. You can Concentrate first to the Darklings and Grim Reapers until theres only Mordred left you can use Blast (asuming you get the Earth Spell for the Shard) if Edward is low on Mana, and also make sure Stella has always enoygh mana to have your party healed or use her skills. Scorpion Ring is most Effective on Enemies with high HP use it with Mordred or the Two Grim Reapers. Damages up to 1k every turn (Long Duration) on Mordred.

TN: Never hit an Enemy whose on Berserk and Berserk last only for two Rounds. And lastly Berserk is dispelled if the host
takes damage.

Shovel - Veldara (Junk Shop) - for Edwards Party
Shovel - Slime Farm at Sheian Lyr - for mels Party
Icepick - Marauders Cave(Dire Woods)
Torchlight - Thornskeep.  = used for obtaning Ice Cubs from a large Chunk of Ice.
Tresure Key - Veldarah(Katie)
Boots of haste(Increse character MOvement Speed) - found at asheras tomb
Ghost Doll - Found on Thornskeep
Cupcake - can be Obtainedby attending jennas B-day party in Veldarah.
Bag of Sand - used to open a door in Demon Caves(Demon Plains)
Scary Mask - Can be Bought in a Trick or Trick northeast of the Inn in Ghed ahre.
Spelled ice or Ice Cube – foun inside marauders Cave
Yellow Star Crystal - Obtained by defeating a group of squirrels in riven Forest.
Hat - obtained after getting william a boquet of lilies for her wife.
Lute - can be given to the beggar in sedona.
Temple Map - aquired from jebb in Clearwater
Hunters Horn - found on the top of mt. orion 

Snail -found on Underfall
Comb - found south of the INN in Mysten Far.
Cupcake - can be aquired in the birthday party of Jenna in Veldarah.
Bouquette - can be aquired on Clearwater.

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